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Halsnesvegen 672,
6590 Tustna


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A little south of the middle of Norway.
A 3-hour drive along the coast from Trondheim.
1.5 hours from the Atlantic Road.
A short ferry ride from Kristiansund or the magnificent coastal heath of Smøla.
A few kilometers from the popular Fjordruta.
At the beginning of the Vinjefjord, Valsøya and at the foot of the Tustna mountains.
In Aure, on the island of Tustna, in the picturesque village of Hals.
Here you’ll find Tustna Ladestasjon 


When we took over the family farm, a crucial question was whether we could develop it to be valuable for the local community and future generations.

For us, sustainability means meeting today’s needs without compromising the opportunities for future generations. This mindset has been a natural part of farm operations through generations, long before the concept of sustainability was established. Describing this commitment is like trying to define love.

At Tustna Charging Station, our farm consists of cultivated farmland, forests, open land, and coastal areas. Our goal is to manage all of this for the production of food, beverages, and experiences in a way that does not negatively impact the surrounding areas or the areas our production and consumption touch.

We take pride in our Debio certification and practice organic forage and vegetable production. Our accommodation is designed and operated with minimal energy requirements. Waste sorting is a given, and we prioritize Norwegian, local, and preferably self-produced ingredients. When choosing international products, we always prioritize sustainability and preferably organic goods.

We emphasize minimizing light and noise pollution, believing in preserving the darkness and silence that nature and people need. Our goal is to create pleasant and sustainable workplaces.

We welcome everyone to cultivate vegetables with us in a cooperative field, and we provide alternative school days for youth through our daily operations.